Exploring the possibilities of entertainment on fitness mirrors

UIUX Design
Motion Design
July - Sep 2022

What if a fitness mirror could karaoke?

01  Background

As a smart fitness mirror company, FITURE strives to be the home entertainment center for the next generation. Our team is committed to providing more than just physical fitness benefits.

Karaoke, a beloved leisure activity, offers an opportunity not only to functionally enhance our smart mirror but also to make it even more enjoyable through the integration of our AI capabilities. We believe that unlocking this new feature has the potential to be exciting for FITURE.


02 Singing Experience

In the singing section, our goal is to infuse a sense of satisfaction into the world of karaoke. To achieve this, we give positive feedback in real-time when users sing well. For the overall score, the scores below a certain threshold ('S') are temporarily hidden until the song concludes or users reach the ‘S’. This design choice allows users to revel in their singing without score fluctuations, encouraging a more enjoyable karaoke experience.

03 First Drafts of Onboarding Page

My colleague initially crafted the first draft for the onboarding page. While it effectively conveyed the karaoke theme using brand colors and simplistic graphics, it appeared somewhat conventional, lacking the depth required to truly attract and engage users.

Drafts Designed By My Colleague

04 Why Do People Karaoke?

At this time, I became the second designer for this page. A typical scenario sparked me:

Imagine a friend singing a beloved or familiar song, making you pick up the microphone and join in without hesitation.

Karaoke gives singing sociality. It evokes a sense of identity when recognizing a tune, even evoking memories. This phenomenon taps into how popular culture affects people today. I believe that the heart of the solution is the content of songs.


05 Dive deep to the MV direction

Subsequently, I led the exploration of diverse visual approaches for presenting song content. The music video direction impresses us by seamlessly showcasing the artists and visual rhythm. So we made the decision to choose it as the primary visual element for our onboarding page.


By changing the information priorities, I found the layout the most impressive and balanced.

06 Choosing MVs and Lyrics

Informed by feedback from our target audience surveys, we curated a song and lyric chart. This chart aims to ensure our music videos cater to a broad spectrum of users and satisfy cultural diversity.

P.S The following mv's are just my personal choices

07 Polished again, and again.

Understanding the vital role of UI transition animations, I meticulously designed and refined these animations, aiming to deliver a visually smooth and rhythmically engaging experience, like the music itself.

Because of the inevitable reflection of the mirror, the actual UIs have differences compared with the design. The last week, I prioritized aligning the actual user interface with our design. I compared visuals and fine-tuned colors on-site, striving to deliver the most comfortable visual experience.

The nature of this project challenged us to think about how people interact with mirrors and build connections via visual languages. It’s exciting to see how we constantly improved the product and made it better in so many ways.

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